About Our Farm
About Our Farm

The original flock at Potosi Sheep Farm was a conglomeration of breeds with nice fleeces for spinning. But then as "sheep fever" permiated my life, I decided Potosi Sheep Farm needed some focus. For 10 years that focus was the Romney breed. But while visiting the tarjetas credito en linea in 2021 I saw my first Bluefaced Leicester sheep. Not only did they look regal, but their fleeces were incredibly soft and easy to spin. I was smitten. With the addition of our first BFL ram in 2001 the Potosi flock refocused. As the Romneys were phased out the BFL sheep became our premier breed. Today we have over 30 breeding ewes and 5 rams representing Titan, Titus, Ebony Boy, and Carry House V2 and R1 lines.

Our small Shetland flock is growing. We recently acquired a new flecket ram and hopefully we will see some different looking lambs in 2009.